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The place of the Mediterranean diet in the frame of the World Food Day

The importance of olive in Mediterranean diet

Vinegar in the Mediterranean Food and Nutrition

The role of coffee in the Mediterranean nutrition

The importance of diet during physical inactivity for maintaining health

Mediterranean agriculture and Mediterranean food

Agri-tourism and the mediterranean gastronomy: the case of the northern Adriatic

Terms formation in the gastronomy of the Slovenian Istra

Impact of modern technology solutions on lifestyle and development of new generation insurance products

Openness and excellence in the Mediterranean diet

Piran salt, the identity of space and global commodity

Improving knowledge transfer between SMEs of the traditional food sector: Case Trafoon

Quality and safety challenges in novel products in grain chain; the case of carob

Quality and safety challenges in seafood chain; case fish

Microbial quality and safety of fruits and vegetables: A MEDian approach

Challenges for processing “forgotten” Mediterranean products

The Contribution of Mediterranean herbs and spices to the Mediterranean diet

Contribution of meat products to the Mediterranean diet

Milk and dairy products in the Mediterranean diet

Forgotten Mediterranean fruits and vegetables for the Mediterranean diet

Forgotten fermented food for Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet and gut health

Salt and the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet traps for adult population

Revival of Beer in the Mediterranean diet

The challenge for future Mediterranean diet: how to fight obesity?

(Bio)enriched foods in the Mediterranean diet: A challenge for whom?