1. Comparative genomic analysis between Lactobacillus delbreuckii subsp. lactis and Lactobacillus delbreuckii subsp. bulgaricus of dairy origin

2. Supporting the development of new products based on treasury of traditional foods: Can educational workshops help?

3. Study of microorganism succession in wild fermentation of Commandaria wine

4. Donkey Milk: Chemistry, microbiology, functionality

5. Computer modelling in predicting efficacy and safety of food components that interact with Cytochrome P450 3A

6. Evodia rutaecarpa fruit extract acts as anti-adhesive of Campylobacter jejuni on stainless steel surface and anti-invasive to human intestine cell line

7. Study of wild yeasts mycobiota isolated from indigenous Cypriot vine varieties for selection of technologically competent isolates for vinification

8. Fatty acid methyl and fatty acid ethyl esters in Slovenian olive oil

9. Fatty acid composition of different vegetable oils and their nutritive potential

10. Microbiological contamination of mussels from Slovenian coastal waters

11. Adaptation of Streptococcus macedonicus and Streptococcus thermophilus in milk.

12. Monitoring of phenotypic changes in brewer's yeast during serial repitching

13. Verification of putative safety issues of probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii

14. A double compartment membrane system for studying mixed fermentations of wine yeasts Dekkera bruxellensis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae

15. The potential of mediteranean herbs in bread preparation

16. Exposure of Campylobacter jejuni to subinhibitory concentrations of pinocembrin affects the bacterial virulence potential

17. Physiological characteristic of Brettanomyces bruxellensis strains isolated from different beer and wine related environments

18. Wellfood – challenge for future

19. Food safety issues related to Mediterranean diet – case sample of nitrates in vegetables

20. Phenolic compounds in fresh and stored Slovenian olive oils

21. "ISO-FOOD" ERA Chair for isotope techniques in food quality, safety and traceability

22. Focused workshops effectively improved the awareness and knowledge of youth about safe food preparation

23. Declarations, forward looks and position papers: The tools to stimulate development and networking initiatives

24. Food, Nutrition and Health: Intimate Connection

25. Study of microorganism succession in production and curing of traditional Pitsilia (Cyprus) sausages and ham

26. Mead – Nectar of gods rediscovered

27. Microbiological safety and stability of bee pollen

28. Cell surfaces hydrophobicity create potential for yeast Candida spp. and Pichia spp. to adhere to different surfaces

29. Probiotic yeast Saccharomyces boulardii (nom. nud.) modulates adhesive properties of Candida glabrata

30. New biosensors to detect pollutants in the vicinity of fish farms

31. The influence of slovenian traditional and modified spanish style production technology on the sensory quality of table olives from Slovenian Istria

32. Thyme and olive extracts are subject to efflux and show anti-adhesive effects against Campylobacter jejuni on polystyrene and intestine epithelial cells

33. Inspired from Mediteranean for a better food - quality and healthy pork products from local pig breeds – project TREASURE